A full range of products are available 


A full range of standard products (e.g. hot rolled asphalt and pre-coated chippings) are available, along with specialist products like our Tuff, Dura, Countyfalt, Sports and Heidelberg Materials era® ranges as well as Heidelberg Materials Airfields.

Tuff range

The Tuff Range includes Tuffgrip®, Tuffpave®, Tuffdrive®, Tuffdrain®, Tufflex® and Tufflex® TX.        

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Dura range

The Durafalt® Range comprises Duradrive®, Durafalt®, Durafalt® -Fill, Durafalt® HD and HD/+, Countyfalt® and Courtfalt® Multi. 

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Countyfalt range

The Countyfalt range comprises Countyfalt® and Countyfalt® + 

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Sports range

The sports range includes Countfalt® and Courtfalt® Multi. 

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ERA range

The ERA range includes era® 100 and era® 140.

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Heidelberg Materials Airfield

Heidelberg Materials Airfield is a unique brand of materials designed to meet the requirements of current BAA and Defence Estates Airfield Specifications for runways, aprons and taxi ways. 

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Pre-Coated Chippings

The typical polished stone values of the pre-coated chippings will vary according to the asphalt plant they are produced at.

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